Whether it’s traditional braces or custom made removable appliances, orthodontics can help you have the healthy, straight, beautiful smile you’ve been waiting for! People of any age can benefit from orthodontic treatment. Teeth that are crooked, crowded, or that stick out affect the way your teeth look and work. Orthodontic treatment not only improves the look of your smile but your health as well. Straight teeth are easier to clean and less likely to get tooth decay or injured.

Our goal is to help you achieve a smile that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and happy! Please book a free consultation with our dentists to see how you can benefit from orthodontic treatment.

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How Orthodontic Treatment works?

Orthodontic appliances are made of metal, ceramic, or plastic. They may be removable or they may be brackets bonded to the teeth. By placing a constant, gentle force in a carefully controlled direction, braces slowly move teeth to the proper position. Treatment time varies and can last between one and three years, depending on several factors including age, treatment method, and how minor or severe your case is.

Braces or Invisalign?

When choosing between Braces and Invisalign, it's important to ask questions and make an informed decision. The type of orthodontic treatment that is suitable for you also depends on the type of orthodontic problem you need to have corrected. You will also need to consider the costs associated with each and the ease of the treatment.

Braces or Invisalign
We offer a range of braces options for patients of all ages, including traditional metal braces.
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SureSmile Clear Aligners

Effective clear aligner treatment designed to fit your lifestyle. SureSmile® Clear Aligners use advanced technology and proven materials to provide a customized, comfortable fit so you can get straighter teeth and a confident smile.

SureSmile aligners
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