When should you take your child for their first dentist’s appointment?

One of the most common questions we get from expecting or new parents is when should my child have their first dentist appointment. First of all, if you are in one of these categories, congrats – we’re so happy for you! 

The answer to your question, in short, is in the first six months to one year or when you first begin to see teeth. The key is to start as early as possible so that your child gets used to seeing a dentist. Also, it is important that your dentist have a look at how your infant’s teeth are developing.

But before the first appointment it is best to get them prepared by getting them used to gentle mouth inspections. This can be done while reading stories or singing songs about visiting the dentist. The idea is that the first visit should not be a complete surprise with a strange person in a lab coat sticking their fingers in the child’s mouth. 

What to expect from a first dental visit 

Our first appointment with a child usually includes an exam to make sure everything is growing well. Our dentists use the utmost care to make sure your child has a positive first experience. But you have a big part to play in this by being present during the entire visit so that your child sees a familiar (and hopefully) calm face!

If needed the dentist might do basic cleaning and polishing to get rid of any harmful plague or lodged food particles. X-rays are only taken if any deep cavities can be seen, but if you’ve been looking after their teeth and gums from very earlier on, cavities should not be a problem.

In total, first dental appointments usually last 15-35 mins. We keep them as short as possible to reduce the chances of them getting scared. 

But if they do get scared or anxious, it is so important not to give up. Come back for another appointment in three months instead of the recommended six months – this will help them get acclimatised and eventually familiar with the clinic and your dentist.

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